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Manna From Heaven Description
Catch as much manna as you can for the starving people but be careful of the evil doers who are throwing rocks and snowballs at you in order to break the bowls you are using to collect the manna.\r\n

\r\nBy catching the glowing manna, which only falls once per a level, allows you to buy 1 special item in between levels to use in the next level. These items will assist you in different ways and these items include a flash light to light up the dark levels, walls to block off the wind, lazer gun to shoot the falling rocks and snow balls, umbrella to protect you from falling rain and snow, lightning rod to protect you from being struck by lightning, and an additional bowl in case you're running low. Use the items wisely for some levels the items will have a greater effect than other levels, and of course you can simply save up your glowing manna to buy multiple items for those really hard levels, use whatever strategy is needed for you to get as much manna as you can.

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